New Website

Introducing 3.0 of my Website

Out with the old, in with the new

For the past couple of months I have contemplated with the idea of remaking my website as I was not quite happy with the previous design as my previous site builder was very limited in terms of design creativity. You might be wondering, “why limit yourself to the functionalities of a site builder and not code everything from scratch?”. My primary interest has always been front end web design. While I agree with the notion that site builders can limit your creative freedom and coding/scripting everything provides more flexibility and control over what goes into your website, site builders are becoming more advanced and powerful, not to mention the time investment required into becoming a coding philanthropist versus learning the fundamental basics of CSS and HTML is vastly different.

While I realize I am not exactly giving myself the greatest sales speech as I am coming off as someone saying that coding everything from start to finish is the way to go, and using a page builder is lazy and is the equivalent to fingerprinting in kindergarten (maybe a bit of an exaggeration), having a framework provided simply allows me to focus on the aspects of web development that I enjoy, namely frontend design.

Being a good web designer (not me) is more than simply dragging a couple of sliders until your design looks good. In my opinion, it is also about knowing how color contrasts work together so that your text does not blend in with your background. You also want to ensure a webpage is responsive, meaning that it is readable on portable devices such as tablets and phones. All that is, of course, just a gross simplification of what goes into creating a sleek appearance for your website – a professional web designer could list a hundred additional pointers as to what you should keep in mind when creating your webpage.

My point is: My website exists solely for me to become better at graphic design, it is something that I have really started to enjoy toying around with. Whenever I want to add a bit of flair to my website that lies beyond the scope of what I can accomplish with a site builder, I am never reluctant to get my hands dirty and do a bit of programming on my own to accomplish what I want.

It’s all a learning experience for me.

New Logo

Yes, I also decided to redo my logo.

Why? Just because. My old logo was boring and needed some TLC, it also gave me an opportunity to practice in Adobe Illustrator.