It’s that time of the year – Black Friday

You all know it, you all hate- or love it; that’s right, Black Friday. Once a year, people decide that it is a grand idea to fight each other over material goods they most likely don’t even need. But who can say no to a -33% discount on a new television, when you probably already have one at home that works perfectly fine.

I am not saying that Black Friday is necessarily a bad thing, you can often find good bargains and it is a nifty way to save some money, if you are out shopping presents for Christmas. Unfortunately, Black Friday has a tendency to provoke vulgar consumer behavior; especially when people are willing to hurt – hell even kill one another, or commit to ridiculous loans to satisfy their material needs.

Be sensible, shop online if you can – you might save yourself from a fractured rib or two.


  1. As someone from the US, I have seen plenty of examples how primitive and stupid people can be. I don’t know if people act the same way in Europe.
    I simply shop online now, I refuse to go outside during Black Friday. :D

    • Hi Jess.
      From what I have observed, people in Denmark appear pretty calm and collected when they’re out shopping. Of course there are ‘rotten apples’ here and there, but most of the time people seem to be behaving. :)

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