New Site Layout

For a while, I had the idea of changing the layout of my website and finally decided to do something about it. Today I present “2.0”.

In the ‘About me‘ section, I briefly mentioned that my website is a constant ongoing project, as I practice CSS (and sometimes PHP) programming. While this redesign did not require a lot of programming, but more on changing a few settings to the back-end; it was a decent practice at setting up a more visually appealing design. My issues with the previous layout, was that it had a lot of problems in terms of visual noise. I felt like my eyes darted all over the place simply because there was so much information going on at once. There were the two sidebars adjacent to the content in the middle. Then you had the moving background image in the header which, occasionally, could become somewhat nauseating to look at, when focusing on reading a post or page.

How my website previously looked.

With the new layout, there is now only one sidebar, a static header image, except for the front page which changes to a new image every 5th second, but without causing nausea. The new design is still a work in progress, but the fundamental layout is in place, and I am quite satisfied with the results.