Witcher teaser image

New Witcher Game in Development

A new Saga begins

Exciting news today. CD Project Red recently announced via. their Twitter, that it is currently developing the next Witcher game. It is going to be exciting to see what this game is going to be about. Considering that the latest installment of the game was the conclusion to Geralt’s story, it has been speculated wildly as to who will pick up the White Wolf’s mantle.

Taking a closer look at the teaser image, it is speculated that the next game might feature Ciri as the main protagonist, due to the fact that Ciri was carrying a School of the Cat medallion. 

Witcher teaser image
The teaser image featuring what appears to be a school of the cat medallion. © CD Project Red

Another interesting announcement following the teaser of the new Witcher game, is that CD Project Red unveiled that it would be moving from using its own REDengine to Unreal Engine 5, although the upcoming expansions for Cyberpunk would obviously still be running Redengine.

Although my own excitement levels are somewhat tempered from the somewhat disasterous launch of Cyberpunk 2077, I cannot deny that I am definitely looking forward to seeing what CDPR has in store for a new Wither game. I think the decision to make the game on a different engine is a good call, as I can imagine maintaining a custom made engine for their games can be quite taxing and seeing those resources being put into making the game even more polished seems like the right way to go; let’s be real, I doubt CDPR needs another Cyberpunk 2077 style launch on their hands.

You can read the full announcement posted by CD Project Red by clicking here.