Practicing the fine art of Photoshop

Photoshop is a software I have been familiar with for quite some time, since 2011 to be precise when I started taking classes as a web programmer. Whether I was making designs for website or simply sat down and toyed with random image manipulations, I never really managed to produce anything I was happy with. Most of my work was quite mediocre, mostly due to the fact I never really became familiar with most of the tools in Photoshop and how to use them.

During the summer, I decided it was time to refresh my memory about Photoshop and develop some skills. With the help of some online tutorials, I finally managed to produce something I was quite satisfied with.

Slight disclaimer: I did not come up with the art ideas myself. Of course, I added ideas of my own, but most was done following tutorials on YouTube. Nevertheless, I am glad how everything turned out.

This one is my personal favorite, it took a while to make and some fine adjustments, but the broken glass and soil turned out really well.

Image: Planet

This one was really fun to make, the surface itself is a flat texture that I found on DeviantArt and spherized in Photoshop. Add some shadow to the dark side of the planet and you have a very realistic illustration of a planet drifting in space. Simple and yet a very satisfying result.

Llama in a Bottle
Llama in a bottle. Tutorial:

Last, but not least – a llama in a bottle. Yes, not very realistic but I really like how the rocks and foliage turned out and especially the clouds as well!

In summary, it was quite fun to “re-learn” Photoshop and becoming more familiar with the advanced tools and how to use them. While I was mostly focused on improving my skills at image manipulations, I also plan at becoming better at web design, as well as getting to know the other Adobe programs such as Premiere Pro and After Effects for video editing.